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Expert Skin Care with WellSpan

Your skin is an outward sign of your health and reflects who you are and how you care for yourself. Our dermatologists want to help your skin look its best. During a check-up our specialists will guide and educate you on ways to protect your skin and keep it healthy. If you struggle with skin abnormalities, we partner with you to create a treatment plan that works. Our goal is to not only help you manage and minimize symptoms, but to give you confidence in your skin. This confidence extends to cosmetic procedures like Botox, chemical peels, and laser treatments.

Conditions Treated

How We Can Help

Our board-certified dermatologists offer expert services and care in a compassionate environment, respectful of your needs. They use advanced treatments, cosmetic therapies, laser and ultraviolet light technologies, and biologic therapies to treat your skin condition. We offer the following services:

  • Evaluation and treatment: Common evaluations of general dermatological problems, nail and hair disorders and possible skin cancer.
  • Mole evaluations: An in-depth look to determine if a mole is cancerous or not.
  • Mohs micrographic surgery: Examination of cancerous cells that occurs during the procedure to get all the presence of cancer.

Our dermatologists offer cosmetic services as well including:

  • Laser treatments: Using different laser types at varied intensities for hair removal, spider veins, facial redness and age spots.
  • Chemical peels: A chemical solution applied to the face, neck or hands for skin rejuvenation and acne
  • Botox treatments: Injections that can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, treat neck spasms, excessive sweating or other problems as prescribed.
  • Kybella treatments: Injections to improve the look of the fat under the chin.
  • Microneedling: The insertion of very fine short needles into the skin that can improve scars, boost collagen or help with fine lines.
  • Radiofrequency treatments: Tightens skin by heating the skin’s deep layers to induce new collagen.



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