Get pimples and blackheads off your mind and out of your skin.

Our approach to acne care

Although acne is a common skin condition, we know that it's more than a medical issue. It gets under your skin in more ways than one and leaves you uncomfortable and self-conscious.

WellSpan's team of experts creates a personalized plan that treats and manages your acne. We'll help you feel comfortable and confident.

Signs and symptoms of acne

Acne is oil and dead skin that clogs your pores. It appears in many shapes, sizes and places. While it's most common in teens, adults struggle with it, too.

Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome and Cushing's syndrome make you more susceptible.

Found mostly on your face, neck, chest and back - common types of acne include:

  • whiteheads
  • blackheads
  • pimples
  • cystic lesions (large, painful pimples under the skin)

When to seek care for acne

Reach out to your doctor for help with mild or severe acne. They’ll guide you to the correct treatment and refer you to a dermatologist if necessary.

Our steps to a diagnosis

Acne affects everyone differently. From a few whiteheads to painful pimples everywhere, it's frustrating when you can't find the right cure. The first step to clearer skin is an accurate diagnosis.

First, your doctor or dermatologist will examine your skin and ask about your medical history. In most cases there are no special tests needed to diagnose acne.

Our treatment options

Your treatment is completely personalized and will depend on your unique symptoms and risks. Here are treatment options we may recommend:

  • over-the-counter medication: If you have mild acne, an over-the-counter acne cream that includes adapalene, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid usually does the trick.
  • prescription medication: If over-the-counter products haven't helped after three months, the next step is prescription acne creams or pills. We also might include antibiotics or vitamin-derived medicine.
  • correct self-care: Sometimes guidance on proper care at home is the best place to start. Wash your skin twice a day with a gentle soap or acne wash. Avoid skin products that clog pores and try not to scrub or pick at your pimples.

Personalized plan

Your skin is one-of-a-kind. We believe its care should be, too. That's why we learn your story and understand your concerns before building a plan to meet your unique goals.

Advanced treatment options

Our dermatologists deliver many treatment options, including prescription medications, laser and light therapies and cosmetic procedures.

Virtual and evening appointments

Life is busy. Sometimes an afternoon in-person appointment isn’t convenient. We offer virtual appointments when possible and have evening hours.

Connected care

Our dermatologists are members of a collaborative team of WellSpan doctors who provide seamless care across specialties. You can expect timely updates, messages and scheduling through MyWellSpan.