Laser Treatments

Erase a variety of skin woes with gentle, warm wavelengths

What are laser treatments?

Laser treatment uses focused light to gently and effectively enhance your skin's health and beauty. We're certified and well-versed in multiple treatments for face, hair, skin texture and discoloration, acne scarring and toe fungus.

Who is a candidate for laser treatments?

While laser treatment is suitable for many, there are a few factors we look out for. The best way to know if laser treatment is right for you is with a consultation. Generally, laser treatment isn't recommended if you have:

  • active acne
  • darker Skin
  • deep wrinkles
  • excessive or sagging skin

What to expect with laser treatments

Before laser treatment

  • You may need to avoid sun exposure, tanning and certain skincare products.
  • Your skin will be cleansed, and a numbing agent may be applied to reduce discomfort.

During laser treatment

  • Treatment normally takes 30 minutes to an hour.
  • You might feel some sensations during treatment:
    • Laser hair removal may feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin.
    • Laser skin treatments may feel like a warm sunburn.
    • Laser treatment for toenail fungus may feel like a warm sensation on the affected toenail.

After laser treatment

  • You may experience some redness, peeling, swelling or discomfort (using an ice pack the first day or two helps).
  • Your skin may be raw, oozing or blistered, but don't scratch or pick (this can cause scarring).
  • You may need to clean your treated area two to five times a day (your plastic surgeon will give directions).
  • Your surgeon may prescribe medication or recommend skincare products to help with healing and reduce the risk of complications.
  • You may need to avoid strenuous activity or exercise for a time.
  • You may need to attend follow-up appointments to check your progress.
  • After healing, you'll need to use sunscreen every day (your plastic surgeon will give directions).
  • Your new skin will be pink and will gradually lighten over two to three months (it can take up to a year for pinkness to fully go away).

Benefits of laser treatments

Just like its use, laser treatments' benefits are many, ranging from practical, physical and even emotional.

  • Younger-looking skin. Laser skin treatment can get rid of those stubborn wrinkles and lines. It can also improve sun damage and even out your skin tone.
  • Goodbye, acne scars. You can expect much less pronounced acne scars, leaving you with smoother, more confident skin.
  • Hair removal. Enjoy permanent to semi-permanent relief from unwanted hair for way less shaving and waxing.
  • Self-confidence. While laser treatment is a physical procedure, it can absolutely have a positive effect on how you feel about yourself.
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Safety above all

Doing what's best for your body always comes first. It starts with a healthy dose of conversation. Our team will be by your side to explore options and any risks up-front, so you can make the most informed decision.

Certified in multiple laser treatments

Whether you need face, skin, hair, acne scars or toe fungus treatment, we're equipped to help. Our plastic surgeons are certified in GentleMax Pro, BBL, NanoLaserPeel and ProFractional.

Experience and expertise

Our plastic surgeons have performed hundreds of successful laser treatments. Their track record and manner of care make for an exceptional experience with high-quality results. 99% of laser treatments are done by an aesthetician.