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Training Environment

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WellSpan York Hospital

At WellSpan York Hospital clinical assignments link students to patients, families, and staff of a particular service line including inpatients and outpatients. Service lines are Behavioral Health, Cardiovascular, Medical, Neuroscience, Oncology, Surgery, Trauma/ED, and Women/Children. There is also a service line for the Oncology resident for WellSpan Surgical and Rehabilitation Hospital and the new WellSpan York Cancer Center, both located at Apple Hill.

WellSpan Health's CPE Program also includes training in a $2.3 million 4,500 square feet medical simulation laboratory to facilitate pastoral development, enhancing theological reflection and articulation of the action reflection model of Clinical Pastoral Education. We use professional actors in the simulation environment in order to re-create common pastoral care scenarios. Simulation involves using high tech camera, sound system and video to view and record a pastoral encounter with simulated patients, families and staff.

More than 120 medical residents throughout WellSpan will train in the simulation laboratory along with nurses, students, chaplains, attending physician and other health care personnel.

Throughout the Residency, students will discover, explore, research, and implement experimentally a method of providing effective spiritual care. Students will present resultant project in the third unit.

Focus of Residency Units

Unit 1:

“The Relational and Cultural Context of Spirituality and Spiritual Assessments”
Focus: Orientation to the Clinical Work in York Hospital, Resources for Spiritual Care, Models of 
Spiritual Assessments, Praxis of theological, relational, and contextual awareness in spiritual care.

Unit 2: "The Developmental and Psychological Contexts of Spiritual Care"
Focus: Study of developmental and psychological models, self-assessment tools, trauma-informed
care, ethics training, and Consultation.

Unit 3: "The Integration of Pastoral Formation, Competence, Reflection in Leadership."
Focus: Study of Leadership, integration of cognitive and affective knowledge in spiritual care
and formation of future ministry plans and demonstrated use of research tools.

This focused experience is augmented by the experience of being the "on call" chaplain. The "on call" chaplain is responsible for provision of pastoral care throughout the hospital 24/7 on days, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Programs available at WellSpan York Hospital are Extended CPE, Summer CPE and CPE Residency. See application and admission process.

WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital

WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital is a community hospital. Student assignments are in settings that provide diversity, with the emphasis on community health and extensive involvement in clinical placements outside the hospital. Through individual supervision and a variety of seminars, we provide the CPE student with an opportunity to learn from experience, through active reflection on ministry.

Programs available at WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital are Extended CPE and Summer CPE.

See application and admission process.