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Supervisory CPE

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  • Has met Level I and Level II Outcomes and is a member of ACPE.
  • College degree
  • Theological Master's degree or its equivalent as defined by ACPE.
  • Ordained, licensed, commissioned by appropriate religious authority
  • Faith group endorsement
  • Previous pastoral or spiritual experience in their vocation 


  • Applicant must submit a completed ACPE application with all previous evaluations of CPE units (student’s and supervisor’s).
  • Evidence must be provided for completion of Level I and II CPE Outcomes, including demonstrating familiarity with the Spiritual Care Collaborative Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy.
  • The applicant must have an admission interview with all ACPE Certified Educators in WellSpan Health.
  • The applicant must be interviewed by a subcommittee of the Professional Advisory Group as the Center is making a considerable time commitment to the student.
  • The applicant must have a Consultation for Readiness for Supervisory CPE either with the Eastern Region Certification Committee or a committee of ACPE Certified Educators set up by the WellSpan Health Center.

Note: Applications for Supervisory CPE will only be accepted when it is clear that the current Supervisory Education Student is nearing completion of his/her process. The position will not be open on a yearly basis as our commitment is to seeing the person through the certification process that may take two to three years.


The process is the same as for the CPE Residency.