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CPE Residency

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  • Resident applicants must have a theological Master’s Degree or (equivalent post-graduate studies as assessed by ACPE Certified Educators and interviewers from the Professional Advisory Group.)
  • Resident applicants must have completed at least one Level I Unit of ACPE accredited CPE. 
  • Emotional/Relational capacity for extensive period of experiential learning
  • Must be sufficiently healthy to fulfill duties of a major trauma center
  • Must be an active member of a recognized religious tradition; may be ordained, licensed, commissioned, religious or laity
  • Must be active or have previous experience of spiritual care


  • Applicants who are residents of the US and who do not require ACPE sponsorship may apply at any time.
  • Applicants must submit a completed ACPE application & any previous CPE units.
  • Complete an online Human Resource survey .
  • On site interview with one or all ACPE Certified Educator of WellSpan Health and Professional Advisory Group members.
  • Final decision of acceptance is made by the ACPE Certified Educator(s).

International Applicants

International applicants are encouraged to review this ACPE link for complete requirements, application deadlines, and forms.

Here is a summary of requirements.

  • Application deadline to WellSpan Health - September 1;  Materials to  ACPE - March 1
  • An in-person or video recording of responses to interview questions provided by this ACPE Center is required.
  • Only "Trainee" category currently accepted for Residency
  • Proof of paid insurance

WellSpan process

  • International applicant is a non-citizen who is applying from outside the United States.  All other applicants must adhere to admission procedures.  International applicants must submit application materials no later than September 1.
  • Submit all the required materials as indicated on the ACPE application.
  • We accept persons applying for Residency who have a Graduate degree in theology and a previous unit of CPE and/or experience in Chaplaincy.  Applicants must meet the U.S. Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program requirements; see the ACPE website provided above for information.
  • After an assessment of the application and a determination to proceed with the application process, we will send interview questions for the international applicant to answer.  The international applicant must submit a video recording of themselves answering the questions. WellSpan will follow up with a phone call after viewing the submitted video.
  • Proof of paid insurance is the responsibility of the international applicant; see the ACPE website provided above.
  • Only international applicants who conclude the process will be considered for CPE Residency.
  • After the international applicant, has been accepted into the program, confirmed the acceptance in writing, and provided the non-refundable fee to hold his/her place in the unit, the application for J-1 Visa must be completed and submitted to the ACPE by March 1.
  • The Visa application to the ACPE must include a copy of Form DS-7002 (TIPP) that has been signed by the student and the supervisor before submitting it to the ACPE.
  • This CPE Center will provide the accepted applicant with an interview summary that is to be submitted to the ACPE along with the other visa application materials.  The summary will note the student’s language proficiency, any special needs of the student, as well as the other criteria defined by the ACPE standards.
  • International applicants must be in York, PA no later than August 10.


  • Applicants are accepted according to a nondiscriminatory admissions policy.
  • The process of selecting the applicants is continuous, i.e., based on a rolling admissions policy.
  • Applicants will be notified within ten working days from the receipt of their application about the status of their application and the time frame for a decision.
  • Selected applicants will be provided an admission offer in writing. The applicant must write and send a letter accepting the admission offer within two weeks, enclosing a non-refundable fee which will hold his/her place. The fee for CPE Residents is $200; there is no Resident tuition.
  • Selected applicants will submit a signed and dated "Use of Clinical Consent" form prior to the start of the residency.
  • Once the applicant is accepted into the education program, he/she needs to submit a formal application to WellSpan Health. A formal offer of employment at WellSpan Health will be offered by a representative of Human Resources prior to the start of the residency.  Employment is contingent on successful completion of background check and health screening during a three-week review process. 


Note: International Residents who are required to pay a $100 SEVIS fee for a visa (J-1 requirement as of 9/2004) are only required to pay $100 as an acceptance fee.