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Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation Fund Designations

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Connect your passion to your giving! Support more than one WellSpan featured funds—the choice is yours. See below for information about our featured fund initiatives

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  • Building Access, Restoring Hope - Help improve access to behavioral healthcare in the Lancaster community.

  • Where Needed Most - Be a part of responding to emerging needs. Giving to this fund enables us to address the areas of greatest need for WellSpan Health.

  • Cancer Patient Comfort Fund - This fund provides services, equipment and amenities that are not covered by insurance, but go a long way toward helping patients feel more comfortable during treatment.

  • Cancer Patient Help Fund - Lend a hand to patients facing the financial burdens that often result from dealing with the impact of cancer. This fund helps with basic living expenses, such as rent, utilities, groceries, and transportation to and from medical appointments. Funds are available to patients who meet specific financial aid guidelines.

  • WellSpan Good Samaritan Patient Support Fund - Help patients who have needs that affect their treatment or health outcomes. This fund helps at-risk patients with food, transportation, transitional housing, and life-saving medications.

  • WellSpan Good Samaritan Future Physician Scholarship Program - Help provide funding to this unique WellSpan initiative to sponsor medical school scholarships. Scholarships help young people with a connection to a local WellSpan community and require them to return to work within the WellSpan footprint following their graduation.

  • WellSpan Good Samaritan Heart & Vascular Gratitude Program Fund - A cardiac event often requires immediate attention. During these situations, having easily accessible, advanced care close to home is essential. WellSpan is proud to offer that to your community, but that would not be possible without your generous support.

  • Spotlight on Children’s Health – Invest in the early development of children to eliminate health and achievement inequities later in life by providing literacy and early childhood education, and special healthcare needs. This fund supports the opportunity for all children in our regions of care to develop in safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments.

  • Other - This fund selection is available for donors to designate their gift to a specific need not listed.