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WellSpan Fertility Care helps families get started

WellSpan Fertility Care helps families get started

Kiley Smith was anxious. She and her husband, Mark, had been trying to have a baby for several years, with no success.  

"I was hesitant to get help," Kiley says. "I was worried something was wrong with me. I was so nervous." 

Finally, she reached out for help from WellSpan Fertility Care, which offers specialized care for families who are having trouble conceiving a child. 

She met online with WellSpan OB-GYN Dr. Trina Wright and felt very comfortable right away. Kiley underwent a round of tests, including blood tests, a pelvic ultrasound, and a special X-ray test of her uterus and fallopian tubes, and her husband Mark also was tested to evaluate his fertility. 

"Everyone made me feel so comfortable," Kiley says. "It can be an overwhelming process, but I felt like everyone I saw, I had known for years." 

The evaluation and testing showed that Kiley was not ovulating. Dr. Wright put her on two rounds of a pill to correct the problem. 

Kiley decided to take a pregnancy test on Mother's Day of 2021. She wanted to be sure of the results, so she ended up taking two tests. 

"Boom," Kiley says. "It worked. We both cried happy tears. It was a long time coming. I had it so built up in my mind and I shouldn't have. I should have done this years ago."

In January, the Smiths welcomed daughter Cameron, weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces. 

Dr. Wright and Dr. Jessica Tocks are the OB-GYNs who make up WellSpan Fertility Care. WellSpan Fertility Care offers a range of fertility services that include preconception planning, reproductive surgery, and treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal disorder. 

WellSpan Fertility Care refers patients to a specialist if medication or surgery does not resolve patients' problems, or if patients have an issue that requires further specialized care. Most patients, about 70 percent, can be treated by the WellSpan practice. 

The two physicians say that they have a special interest in patients who are having problems conceiving a child. 

"Both of us struggled with infertility," Dr. Wright says. "A lot of what our patients are going through, we experienced in our own lives. We both went through treatment ourselves." 

They both also experienced the joy that the Smiths did. Dr. Wright went on to have three children; Dr. Tocks has two. 

To find out more about WellSpan Fertility Care, go here.