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Lymphedema Program

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Cancer-related lymphedema is a chronic swelling that may occur as a result of the disease or treatment of the disease.

Treatment of lymphedema is typically focused on helping the flow of the lymphatics. It may consist of exercise, light massage, bandaging, compression garments or compression pump, and proper skin care.

WellSpan Rehabilitation, in conjunction with the Adams Cancer Center and the York Cancer Center, provides a specialized program of rehabilitation for women who have had breast surgery. Speak with a therapist and inquire about a free screening. We will discuss the results with you and report them to your doctor.

Lymphedema is easier to treat early in its development. Call your doctor if you have symptoms.

In addition, the Adams Cancer Center and the York Cancer Center provide the most comprehensive programs of cancer care in our area. The Centers provide education and support services to outpatients through oncology nurses, social workers, dietitians and financial counselors.

Our staffs work closely with doctors, other health care professionals, community agencies and hospitals to serve the patient's needs in the most caring and effective way possible.