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ImPACT is a neuropsychological assessment tool used to evaluate an athlete's pre-concussive and post-concussive performance. The web-based program provides information regarding the severity of injury and a standard for evaluating return to play.

The program consists of a self-report symptom questionnaire, a concussion history form and 7 tests of neurocognitive functioning that measure attention span, working memory, sustained attention, reaction time, response variability, visual and verbal memory, selective attention and non-verbal problem solving.

The test features:

Baseline Test

The baseline test is a pre-injury measurement of an athletes' cognitive function. Should an athlete sustain a concussion, post-injury tests can be compared to a baseline data and provide valuable information that aids in the return to play decision.  The baseline test is a web-based test.

Post-Concussive Test

  1. If a concussion occurs, a post-concussion test is administered 48 to 72 hours after the injury, and interpreted by a trained medical professional.
  2. These results are then compared with the baseline data to assist in determining return to play.
  3. If an athlete has not taken the baseline test, ImPACT has norms that can be used to evaluate the recovery process of a concussed athlete.  While these norms can be used to monitor recovery, they do not replace the value of the individual-specific test.
  4. Additional post-injury tests may be required until complete recovery has occurred.

Get ImPACT for Your School or Club

ImPACT is now available locally through WellSpan Health. By partnering with WellSpan, you will have local access to everything you and your team need to manage concussions including: 

  • Free educational programs for your athletes and/or parents
  • Free printed educational materials
  • Direct access to local pediatric neurologists
  • Web-based testing that allows athletes to take the pre-injury assessment at home or school
  • Convenient post testing locations

For more information please call WellSpan Sports Medicine at (877) 482-5420.

Baseline Testing: Getting Started

Many local school districts and colleges have incorporated ImPACT™ into their athletic programs. Select your school from the list below to complete the baseline test. Enter the password given to you by the athletic trainer when instructed. If your school or organization is not listed, please select "other organization" from the list.

There is a $10 fee/per athlete to take the baseline test if your school or club has not incorporated ImPACT™ into their program.

ImPACT™ testing is a computerized program that evaluates and documents specific aspects of cognitive function including verbal and visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time. The athlete is also asked to report and rate severity of post concussive symptoms.

ImPACT™ testing typically takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Before taking the test, be sure the athlete is:

  • Well rested
  • Well hydrated
  • Comfortable and alert as possible

The test should be administered in a quiet environment with no distractions such as noise, or interruptions to ensure best performance.

* You will not receive a final score at the end of the test.  Your baseline information will be stored for future reference should a concussion occur. 

** This is not the post injury test.  If you are injured, please contact your athletic trainer or call WellSpan Sports Medicine at (877) 482-5420.