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Sports Medicine

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Don’t let orthopedic pain put you on the sidelines. When you need to get back to your sport or activity, it helps to have a team of well-trained sports medicine professionals in your corner that understand the specific demands of your favorite activity. At WellSpan, we have a team that specializes in the sports medicine needs of people involved in all forms of an active lifestyle, from the weekend warrior to professional athlete, helping you avoid injury and recover from injuries when they do occur.

WellSpan’s team of fellowship trained orthopedic and sports medicine specialists have helped many professional, student and recreational athletes return to play and stay at the top of their game. And they can do the same for you. Because at WellSpan Health, our goal is to help you reach your health goals—on and off the field. WellSpan Sports Medicine cares for the athlete in all of us.

What makes the Sports Medicine team at WellSpan stand out is the breadth of our support. Our providers include highly skilled fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons, primary care fellowship trained sports medicine physicians, sports concussion specialists, physician assistants, licensed athletic trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists and adolescent gynecologists. To further speed your recovery, we draw on other resources throughout the WellSpan Health system, community organizations, family, co-workers and even your teammates.

What’s your ideal outcome? That’s the first question we ask when you become a patient at WellSpan. Once we know your goals, we tailor our treatments to help you reach them. Our focus isn’t just on healing your injury—we also give you the latest advice on how you can prevent injuries in the future.


Primary Care Sports Medicine

WellSpan’s Sports Medicine focused primary care gives athletes the kind of support they need. Whatever your particular condition, WellSpan’s expert physicians will create a treatment plan designed to help you enjoy your favorite activities as much as possible.

Urgent Orthopedics

Say life throws you a curve and you find yourself with a rolled ankle, sprained wrist, sudden back pain or broken leg. Our dedicated orthopedic providers focus solely on orthopedic and sports medicine issues, with convenient care when you need it. Walk-in or reserve your spot online.

Athletic Training

WellSpan's licensed athletic trainers help athletes and active individuals accomplish their goals on and off the field. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to sports medicine. WellSpan athletic trainers work together with schools, parents, and other medical professionals to play on the home team - yours.

Orthopedic Care

A broken bone, a torn ligament, a dislocated joint—these and other injuries can happen to active individuals of all ability levels. The WellSpan Orthopedics team is ready to help, with customized treatment plans that get you back in action as soon as possible.

Sports Concussion Management

WellSpan has expertise in diagnosis, management and treatment of sports concussions. While most concussions are mild, others are serious enough to cause physical, neurological and behavioral changes.

Sports Physicals

It’s important—not to mention required—that you get a physical before engaging in sports. Sports physicals exams ensure that athletes are healthy and ready to safely compete at their best before the season starts.

WellFit and Injury Prevention Services

WellFit is a guided exercise program for individuals striving to improve their overall fitness or wellness. In contrast to other fitness programs, WellFit incorporates the guidance of other medical professionals, including your physician, to optimize your program.

Adolescent & Pediatric Gynecology

The Adolescent and Pediatric Gynecology team at WellSpan offers expert care to treat a wide variety of gynecologic conditions in young female athletes. We also provide regular gynecologic exams and guidance on health issues teens may face in adolescence.


The old saying is true: you are what you eat. WellSpan’s nutrition team helps you make healthy choices about food and coaches you on the lifestyle and behavioral changes that go hand-in-hand with good nutrition.