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The foot includes more than 26 bones and a multitude of joints, muscles and tendons, all working together to provide stability and mobility. Consider an average person taking 10,000 steps a day, it’s not surprising that foot problems occur. When they do, the disruption to our daily lives can be significant.

Whatever your particular foot injury or condition, you’ll benefit from WellSpan's advanced clinical capabilities including ankle replacements, fracture care, and support. The team, including a fellowship-trained, board certified orthopedic foot & ankle surgeon, podiatrist, advanced practice clinicians and physical therapists, offer a comprehensive approach to care.

The comprehensive approach to care includes consultation, diagnostics, non-surgical treatment options, surgical procedures and rehabilitation services. But our care plan doesn’t end there. We not only include the doctor who’s involved in your care, but also other WellSpan physicians, providers at other medical facilities, community organizations, and even your family and co-workers, as necessary.

With an entire network of relationships behind you, you’ll have the support you need get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Conditions Treated

We treat foot and ankle conditions, including:

Your WellSpan Orthopedics physician will be able to give you more information about your specific health condition and treatment options.

How We Can Help

At WellSpan, we use the very latest technologies to diagnose your foot or ankle condition. Then, we’ll create a treatment plan that is customized to your needs, goals and lifestyle.

Our plans focus on nonsurgical options first. However, if surgery is necessary, you can count on the skilled surgeons at WellSpan to give you the best possible outcomes.

A wide range of treatment options are available, which include:

Ankle Replacement

If non-surgical approaches haven’t helped manage pain from ankle arthritis, then your doctor may talk to you about a total ankle replacement. Your doctor will replace the deteriorated joint with an artificial joint to help you gain function and reduce pain.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your doctor to see inside your joint to help make a diagnosis, or to repair an issue with the joint. Learn more about arthroscopy.

Bunion Removal

Surgery is sometimes required to relieve pain from bunions. Your doctor will work closely with you to decide if you need a surgical procedure to remove a bunion, and which procedure is right for you.

Bone Graft

A bone graft can help alleviate pain in the foot or ankle caused by injury, a diseased joint, fracture, or around a joint replacement. During a bone graft, your surgeon will place a small section of bone taken from another, healthy area, and shape it to fit the affected area.

Ligament Reconstruction

Ligament reconstruction in the foot or ankle can tighten up loose ligaments. Those ligaments may have stretched and loosened up over time due to repeated ankle strains or sprains, or as a result of some foot deformities. Ligament reconstruction can help make your ankle stronger and more stable.

Torn Tendon and Ligament Repair

A torn tendon or ligament in the ankle or foot can cause swelling, bruising and pain. Most of the time, tendons and ligaments can heal with rest, ice and therapy. If you continue to experience pain that forces you to modify daily activities, your doctor may talk to you about surgery to repair the tendon or ligament.


An important part of every recovery plan is rehabilitation. Whether you are recovering from an injury, working to gain back strength after surgery or addressing another foot or ankle condition, our rehabilitation specialists at WellSpan can help restore strength and function to your ankles or feet.

Fracture Care

Broken bones can be painful and an inconvenience to your daily life. Our providers at WellSpan are here to help you get back on the road to recovery. We will work closely with you to restore alignment, promote bone healing and gain function as soon as possible.

Hammer Toe Repair

Hammer toe refers to toes that stays in a curled or flexed position and cannot be straightened. This can happen as a result of arthritis, injury or wearing shoes that are too small. There are many options to treat hammer toe, including surgical and non-surgical approaches. Your doctor will work closely with you to discuss a plan that is right for you.


If you or a loved one needs an amputation, it can be an overwhelming time. The team at WellSpan Orthopedics is here to guide you through the entire process – whether it’s an emergency amputation or a planned procedure. We will help prepare you for what to expect and connect you to the resources you need to help make the experience a little less stressful.



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