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If you’ve experienced an orthopedic injury, you know that what really matters isn’t just fixing a broken bone or bad hip—it’s getting back to the life you love as quickly as possible. At WellSpan, we put your goals first and work with you to help you achieve them.

Our highly specialized orthopedic and sports medicine providers treat everything from sprains and fractures to the most complex musculoskeletal conditions. We incorporate evidence-based medicine into individualized patient care plans, including the most advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments available.

As an orthopedic patient at WellSpan, you can count on:

  • Highly qualified physicians and staff. Our specialty-trained surgeons, specialists and clinicians come from some the best orthopedics programs in the country. They are passionate about their field of expertise and are dedicated to giving you the personalized, compassionate care you deserve, no matter if your needs are simple or complex.
  • Comprehensive care. WellSpan Orthopedics offers expertise across the spectrum of care needed to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your orthopedic condition. Backed by the WellSpan Medical Group that includes over 1,500 physicians and healthcare professionals, your care plan is coordinated by doctors that are connected through our electronic health record.
  • Goal Oriented care. WellSpan Orthopedics works with patients to help them achieve health, functionality and lifestyle goals – whether it is to run a marathon or walk your daughter down the aisle.
  • Convenient access to care. Because we’re your neighborhood healthcare provider, you won’t have to go far for initial appointments, treatments, precedures or follow-up visits. 
  • Individualized pain management. Our job is to get you back to doing what you enjoy. Our pain management protocol seeks to manage your pain using conservative non-opioid treatment options.


Worker's Comp & Evaluation

Despite the best efforts of companies to implement safety standards, workplace injuries still occur. For the employees involved, workplace injuries can be traumatic; for their employers, they may also result in lower productivity and a negative impact on the bottom line. At WellSpan, we work closely with workers and their employers to get injured employees healthy and back on the job as quickly as possible.

Trauma & Fracture Care

Did you know that the average person experiences two broken bones during his or her lifetime? Most often we think of fractures resulting from the impact of trauma such as an automobile accident, but a long-term, continuous activity like running can also cause fractures. The WellSpan orthopedic team can help you to heal and regain functionality.

Sports Medicine

When you need to get back to your sport or activity, it helps to have a team of well-trained sports medicine professionals in your corner that understand the specific demands of your favorite activity. At WellSpan, we specialize in the needs of people involved in all forms of an active lifestyle, from the weekend warrior to professional athlete, helping you avoid injury and recover from injuries when they do occur.

Joint Replacement & Reconstruction

At WellSpan, our joint care program has been designed to support best possible outcomes. Our comprehensive approach is tailored to each patient’s needs and goals. Our team of experts are focused on returning you to your goal of a pain-free living as quickly and safely as possible.

Hand & Upper Extremity

When our fingers, hands and wrists are healthy and performing properly, we don’t give them a second thought. But if an injury occurs, or we have problems resulting from normal aging, we immediately notice the disruption to our lives. WellSpan orthopedic specialists are highly skilled to treat this complex part of the body and give your hands and upper extremities the best possible care.

General Orthopedics

Sooner or later, we all need orthopedic care, whether it’s for a sprained finger or a hip replacement or other issues related to our bones, muscles and tendons. Our orthopedic physicians have the expertise to diagnose and treat orthopedic injuries and conditions - from simple to the most complex.

Foot & Ankle

Eight out of 10 Americans will suffer from foot or ankle pain during their lives. This pain can be caused by an injury, ill-fitting shoes, diseases such as arthritis and diabetes, poor circulation, genetic abnormalities, or simply wear and tear over time. At WellSpan, our team of foot and ankle specialists can help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

We are proud to have received the Blue Distinction for Specialty Care, which is awarded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. This designation recognizes WellSpan for the safe and effective care we provide to our patients for knee and hip replacement. Our team and care has met stringent quality measures that showcase our commitment to patient health and safety.