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WellSpan provides high quality laboratory services across central Pennsylvania in a variety of convenient locations. Our expert phlebotomists and lab technicians keep to the highest quality and safety standards with every lab test they give. They specialize in having you in and out of our office quickly so you can get back to your busy schedule. We work hard to make your laboratory experience as easy and painless as possible.

Always check with your chosen location prior to visit to insure they are able to perform your specific lab service.


Pre-Op/Pre-Procedural COVID Specimen Collection

Many of our lab sites offer pre-procedural COVID testing with physician order.

Urine Collection

Urine collection is for urine tests to check the color, clarity, odor, concentration and pH of urine as a screening for conditions, infections and more.

Pre-admission Testing

Many surgeries or procedures require pre-admission testing to begin which is why WellSpan Health strives to make testing convenient.

Paternity Testing

Paternity testing uses DNA profiles to determine if someone is the biological parent of another.

Lactose Tolerance Testing

Testing if blood sugar levels have little or no reaction to lactose is the basis of lactose tolerance testing.

Glucose Tolerance Testing

Oral glucose tolerance testing is done to measure your body’s response to sugar (or glucose).

Drug Screen Testing

Blood, urine and saliva tests are used to check for drugs or other chemicals in the system.

Blood Draws

Blood draws are taken to perform a variety of blood tests, or laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample.