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WellSpan Hospital at Home

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Hospital-Level Care Provided Safely to Patients at Home

Here at WellSpan, we have always focused on providing the most value to our patients by ensuring we can deliver the best, safest, highest quality care. In line with our patient-centered focus, we now conveniently offer hospital-level care to patients in their homes.

WellSpan Hospital at Home is a service that will allow WellSpan to care for patients with low complexity conditions in their own homes through a combination of visiting nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians, connected Remote Patient Monitoring device (e.g. blood pressure cuff), and video visits.

The WellSpan Hospital at Home service provides a cost effective, convenient option for patients who require hospitalization for a low complexity condition, but also meet other medical and social criteria to ensure program enrollment is a safe and appropriate option. Additional inclusion criteria are detailed below.

The patient must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a caregiver
  • Speak and read either English or Spanish
  • Be clinically stable with low risk for clinical deterioration
  • Consent to enrollment

The patient’s residence must be:

  • Located within the Hospital at Home service area
  • Structurally sound, have running water, and heat/air conditioning
  • Located in an area with a strong cellular signal

Conditions Treated

How We Can Help

Patients may be identified as candidates for the WellSpan Hospital at Home service following admission to a WellSpan Hospital.

Coming soon patients will soon be eligible for Hospital at Home eligibility screening at the following:

  • Upon arrival in a WellSpan Emergency Department or Urgent Care Center
  • While in a WellSpan Specialty Practice
  • During a visit with a Primary Care Physician
  • While a WellSpan VNA Home Health patient

Once the WellSpan Hospital at Home team screens and enrolls a patient, the care team will coordinate for a nurse to begin care at the patient’s home within two hours. Care at home will include:

  • One to two in-person, nursing visits per day to monitor health status, communicate with care team members, administer medications, answer questions, and perform other nursing care as needed
  • Daily visits, at a minimum, from a doctor or nurse practitioner either in-person or by video visit
  • Remote Patient Monitoring by a specialized team of registered nurses of blood pressure, oxygen saturation, weight and heart rate, which are transmitted automatically using Bluetooth technology
  • Lab tests and imaging
  • On-call service, which will ensure urgent needs are met 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Social work oversight to coordinate care and develop a follow-up plan as needed

Following discharge from WellSpan Hospital at Home, patients will continue to receive Remote Patient Monitoring for at least 30 days. These monitoring team will help prevent readmission and ensure a seamless transition back to the patient’s primary care provider.