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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Helping You Live Your Best Life After Heart Surgery

If you’re recovering from heart surgery or heart attack, or living with heart disease or heart failure, you know how hard it can be. Not only are you dealing with the physical impact on your body, you may now have to think about an array of new challenges, including:

  • Dietary changes
  • Rehabilitation
  • Exercise requirements
  • Ongoing medical issues
  • Personal relationships
  • Your finances
  • Returning to work

Fortunately, WellSpan patients don’t have to manage all this on their own. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at WellSpan gives patients the support they need to navigate their recovery with confidence. Our program is supervised by a WellSpan physician, nurse and exercise physiologist and helps patients maintain their health, reduce their risk of future cardiac problems, and addresses each patient’s unique concerns.

The life-changing impact of cardiac surgery doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, patients are empowered to adapt to their new circumstances and live with more joy and vitality than ever before.

Conditions Treated

WellSpan’s cardiac rehabilitation specialists support patients recovering from a range of cardiac procedures and conditions, including:

How We Can Help

We’ve designed the treatments offered as part of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to cover the full spectrum of our patients’ needs and concerns. These treatments include:

Dietary Consults

Eating right is an essential part of your recovery. But it’s hard to know what to eat—and even more difficult when you’re feeling less than 100 percent. Our dietary consults are here to help. We give you helpful pointers on what a good diet should be, and tailor it to your personal tastes and lifestyle.


Our team will ask if you have any questions about your heart condition and treatment. We’ll identify your cardiac risk factors and teach you how to control them. Our team will also help you navigate and manage your medicine and possible side effects.

Exercise Therapy

If it wasn’t already, exercise should be a regular part of your life. WellSpan physical therapists will show you safe, effective exercises that are customized to your goals and medical limitations.

Women’s Cardiac Support Group

Going through cardiac rehabilitation with others on the same journey makes recovery so much easier and more enjoyable. Our women’s cardiac support group gives women a chance to share concerns and experiences with others.

Learn more about the Women’s Cardiac Support Group by calling the Cardiac Care Support Nurse at 717-270-3713.


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