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Breast Cancer Care

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Breast cancer is deeply personal. We believe its care should be, too. That's why we put you, the person — not just your condition — at the center of our approach. You're part of a tight-knit community featuring remarkable doctors, world-class surgeons and invaluable nurse navigators. You'll find they aren't just medical experts. They're also your people, managing every detail so you can focus on healing. Because here, you don't just have breast cancer. You also have us.

Want to talk to a member of our breast cancer team to learn more or schedule an appointment? Call 717-741-8455 to speak to a breast cancer navigator or chat with a navigator using the online chat on this page.

Bre's Story

Bre discusses how during her breast cancer treatment at WellSpan, her care team never treated her like a number: they treated her like a whole person. Her care navigator, Ashley, was there for her every step of the way.

Jen's Story

Jen and her breast care navigator, Tracey, walked side by side as Jen underwent treatment for breast cancer. "Thank you for being my beacon through everything," Jen told Tracey. "It meant a lot because I was so scared."

Why Choose WellSpan for Breast Cancer Care?

Nurse Navigators for Every Patient

We understand how overwhelming this can be. That’s why we pair every patient with a dedicated nurse navigator. They’re your consistent person who handles all the details, from scheduling to contacting doctors to being there when you need someone the most.

Collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine

Not only do you have our specialized team, you also have access to a world-class second opinion and clinical trials through our collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine Kimmel Cancer Center.

Onocoplastic Surgery

Our fellowship-trained oncoplastic surgeons have a unique skill set. Their techniques are designed to leave less of a trace. The result is lifesaving surgery and the best cosmetic outcome at the same time.

Imaging Centers of Excellence

All of our locations bear the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence designation from the American College of Radiology. You can expect compassion and dignity in every aspect of your visit along with the highest level of accuracy.


Annual Mammograms Save Lives

When it comes to breast cancer, knowledge is power. All it takes is one minute of scans once a year to know where you stand.


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