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Testimonials: Before & After Bariatric Surgery

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Date of Surgery: August 2019

Weight Loss: 138 lbs

"The team in the Bariatric program are awesome. These individuals are extremely caring, compassionate and they make you feel comfortable. Everyone continues to work as a team and support me as the patient. Each person is an advocate for the entire PROCESS and this makes the program a success."


Date of Surgery: June 2018

Type of Surgery: vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Weight Loss: 235 lbs

"My life changed a lot the year I had surgery, some of it related to the surgery, and some of it not. However, surgery and losing weight allowed me to gain the confidence and stamina to face those heavy situations – divorce, a move, job loss – with my head held high. Surgery allowed me to find who I was again, to find the inner strength I didn’t know I had, and to finally become the person I’ve always wanted to be."

Alex -ba


Date of Surgery: July 2019

Type of Surgery: vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Weight Loss: 150 lbs

"Dr. Marone and his staff afforded me the opportunity to have a second chance at life. My health was in a downward spiral prior to meeting with them. Going through this journey it has helped me develop a better relationship with food. To anyone considering this surgery, my best advice to you is 'trust the process.'"

Bernard -ba


Date of Surgery: December 2020

Type of Surgery: gastric bypass

Weight Loss: 176 lbs

"I couldn't even walk a block without getting winded and my feet and knees in pain! I had bad headaches, severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. There was just so many things I couldn't do, or fit in and it was embarrassing. After my surgery it's like night and day! My A1C is the best it's ever been and I am no longer on blood pressure meds. My sleep quality has improved and I have much more energy. I feel much more healthy! I learned I am much more stronger and disciplined than I thought I ever could be."