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Services to Meet a Lifetime of Needs

A healthier community happens one patient, one person at a time. To meet all those unique needs, we have built an extensive, and always-expanding range of services as part of our nationally recognized health system.

We recognize that effective care requires services that accommodate a lifetime of needs starting at the birth of a new family member to providing home care and hospice services to someone nearing the end of life's journey. We also know that ongoing preventive and primary care provide the foundation of lifelong health, and access to advanced specialty care is critical when the need arises.

Why WellSpan Health?

Obtaining services within our integrated health system means:

  • All services—including labs, imaging, hospital and doctors office visits—are linked electronically so your health records are available immediately to health care providers in the WellSpan system.
  • Coordinated care among physicians, specialists and hospitals is seamless, placing the focus on your health needs.
  • Expert care is delivered close to home. We believe in bringing you the highest quality care from experts in their fields. And that care is near where you and your family live, work and play, making it more convenient for you.

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