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WellSpan Surgical Center

WellSpan Surgical Center

Of course there's no better way to learn about WellSpan Surgical Center than to see it in person. If your child has been scheduled for surgery, we will automatically contact you for you and your child to come and take a look around. We feel this eases the anxiety that he or she may experience on the day of surgery.

We're happy to provide tours for adult patients as well. So to schedule a convenient time, give us a call at (717) 338-4500.

Billing and Insurance

You will receive a facility bill for the services provided by the Surgical Center. This covers the supplies, equipment, personnel, and use of the operating room and recovery rooms. You will receive separate bills for the following:

  • Your surgeon, dentist or podiatrist
  • Anesthesia: If you received general anesthesia or required sedation administered by anesthesia personnel.
  • Laboratory tests for any lab tests required prior to, during or after your surgery
  • Radiology/Imaging for any x-ray services required before, during or after your surgery
  • Pathology for the examination of any tissue or specimen removed during surgery

As a convenience to you, our billing staff will make every effort to check your insurance coverage, based on the information that is given to us. If our billing staff determines that you will be responsible for all or a portion of your bill, they will attempt to call you prior to your surgery. You will be given an estimate of any copayment or deductible your insurance company may require. Please be prepared to pay the copayments and deductibles on the day of the surgery.

Patient Information