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Ownership Disclosure

A Disclosure to Patients Who Have Been Referred to Apple Hill Surgical Center:

The professionals listed below are Limited Partners in Apple Hill Surgical Center Partners, which owns and operates Apple Hill Surgical Center. WellSpan Health also has ownership interest in Apple Hill Surgical Center.

If you have been referred to Apple Hill Surgical Center for treatment and have questions about the ownership interest of any of these parties, please contact your physician. If you would prefer to utilize a treatment facility other than Apple Hill Surgical Center, your physician will assist you in making other arrangements, subject to any relevant criteria set by your payor and/or relevant treatment facilities.

Physician Investors (Updated 2/2/2021)

Glenn Amsbaugh
Marsha Bornt
Vincent Butera
Michael Dobish
Russel Etter
Brian Flowers
Michael Gangloff
Garth Good
Kenneth Heaps
Denise Kenna
Stephen Laucks

James Macbride
C. Edwin Martin
Michael Moritz
David and Marilyn Neuburger
Steven Olkowski
Charles Reilly
Peter VanGiesen
B. Emmerich Yoder