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WellSpan VNA Home Care nurse brings compassionate care to patients’ homes

December 08, 2020


Scott Brocious, RN.

Scott Brocious, RN.

Registered nurse Scott Brocious doesn’t spend his day in a hospital – but he is still working on the “front lines”. In fact, as a nurse with WellSpan VNA Home Care, he is able to bring compassionate care to patients on the main front line – their own homes.

When an elderly widow with a terminal disease needed help with her medication, Scott was able to assist so that she needn’t pay $400 out of pocket for her prescription. Thanks to Scott, she now has her prescription set up for free.

“She was beyond grateful as she was planning on rationing something to get her medications,” Brocious said. “That’s why being a home care nurse is so important for a patient. So many issues come up when they come home and VNA nurses are here to smooth that transition and bring people back to their regular life.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, home health nurses have been more in demand than ever.

“It has been difficult and rewarding with the amount of people I meet that need education on COVID-19,” Scott said. “But as COVID surges, nurses surge higher.”

Scott’s journey to becoming a registered nurse has been an interesting one. After graduating nursing school, he worked as a float nurse before deciding to join the United States Air Force. Scott did two deployments – in Iraq and Afghanistan – as a CCATT (Critical Care Air Transport Team) nurse.

After leaving the military, he moved back home to work in the Operating Room at WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital. He now is using all of his combined nursing experience to bring care to patients in the comfort of their home with WellSpan VNA Home Care.

“I love being an educator, helping my patients understand the complexity of medical care,” Brocious explains. “Nothing eases anxiety in patients more than information. If you can explain the ‘why’ of what we do in medicine, then people are more apt to follow the plan and get better.”

“Home care nurses help people at a critically vulnerable time recovering from an illness,” Scott said. “Our team of nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, home health aides, social workers and VNA staff all work together collectively to ensure that these patients succeed. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that team?”

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