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WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital nurse shows dedication to compassionate care outside of work

August 19, 2020


Diana Rhone, RN.

Diana Rhone, RN.

Diana Rhone, a registered nurse at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital, began her journey as a caregiver 43 years ago to help those in need during difficult times and her passion to provide compassionate care is evident even outside of work.

One day while shopping at a restaurant, she overheard that an ambulance was being called for someone in the restaurant. She immediately went up to the hostess and told her she was a nurse and asked if she could help. As she walked back, she realized that the person was in distress and went to help until the medic unit arrived. After talking to the family, she realized that they were from out of town and had no idea where the closest hospital was. Diana offered to drive them to the hospital and even stayed with them when they arrived to provide emotional support and to help the family understand medical information.

She was willing to support and care for the family in any way possible, offering them to stay at her house to sleep and helping to care for their smallest wishes.

“I just wanted to be there to help the family in any way possible, it’s what I would have wanted someone to do if I were in that situation,” Diana said.

“A nurse is always a nurse, no matter the setting, time of day or circumstance”, said Marcia Whitmore, a co-worker of Diana’s when she worked at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital’s emergency room.

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