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Using MyWellSpan Care Companion

Completing your assigned tasks

Complete Tasks

How you do this depends on the type of task:

  • Education tasks. Tap the task to review the educational materials, which might include a text handout or a video to watch. Use the I Understand or I Have Questions buttons to express your understanding of the material. Tap I Have Questions to send any questions you have to a member of your care team.

  • Questionnaire tasks. Tap the task to open the questionnaire. Answer all of the questions and click Submit when you’re done.

  • Health-tracking tasks. Tap the task to go to the Track My Health activity and tap Add Reading to enter health-tracking information, such as your weight or blood pressure reading. If you connect your MyWellSpan account to another app such as Withings, Fitbit, or Apple Health, these readings might be recorded for you automatically.

  • General tasks. After you finish a general task, such as exercising for 30 minutes, mark it complete by tapping the green checkmark ✓. If you did not complete a task, tap the red X.

Changes to Your Care Plan

In some cases, your care plan might need to be adjusted based on things such as readings you record through a health-tracking task or responses to a symptom check-in questionnaire. When this happens, you’ll be notified of the changes, and you can view them by tapping the Changes tab at the bottom of the To Do activity.

Personalizing Your Notifications

To make sure your care plan works with your schedule, you can choose when you receive notifications for tasks assigned to you and whether notifications are sent for each task or all tasks at once.


  1. Open the To Do activity, tap Options at the top of the screen, and select Manage To Do Reminders.

  2. If you want to change how you receive notifications from the MyChart app for tasks that are due, in the How Often? section:

    - Select When My Tasks Are Due to receive an individual notification when each task is due.

    - Select Only Once Daily to receive one combined notification for all of the tasks that are due each day.

  3. If you want to change what time you receive notifications throughout the day, tap Manage Reminder Schedule. You can set times to receive reminders for tasks that are due:
    • Morning
    • Midday
    • Evening
    • Bedtime
    • By End of Day

Creating Your Own Tasks

If you want to receive reminders for other tasks that are not part of your care plan, such as taking a daily allergy medication that’s not on your medication list or doing a daily meditation, you can create your own tasks in MyWellSpan Care Companion.

  1. Open the To Do activity, tap Options at the top of the screen, and select Create Task.

  2. Enter a name and description for the task. Then, enter the time at which you want to receive the task reminder and how often the task should repeat.

  3. Click Submit.

Tracking Your Task Completion Rate

You can view progress towards your task completion by tapping the Progress tab at the bottom of the To Do activity. From here, you can view the number of tasks completed out of the number assigned for each task type and an overall percentage of your task completion. Use the buttons at the top to view data for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days at a time.