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Manage Prescriptions

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Adobestock 203946831Use MyWellSpan to see all of your current medications in one place. View details for each medication, including the prescribed dosage, instructions and the physician who prescribed the medication. You can see additional information about a medication, such as precautions to consider when taking the medication and potential side effects.

Medication Renewal

The medication renewal option is available for use when your prescription has run out of refills at your pharmacy, Simply log into your account and make a renewal request right from the medications page.  If you still have refills remaining on your prescription at the pharmacy, contact the pharmacy directly to submit your request.

Prescription Refill at a WellSpan Pharmacy

For patients that use a WellSpan Pharmacy, you can request a refill by clicking Request Refills at a WellSpan Pharmacy button located on the medications page.  If you have run out of refills, you can use the medication renewal option to request that your provider renew the medication and have them send it to WellSpan Pharmacy.