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Don't miss our monthly, virtual "Menopause Chats," led by Melanie Ochalski, MD, FACOG, WellSpan Health board-certified menopause specialist, for hot-topic talks with special guests about a variety of menopause issues, like weight gain, hot flashes, anxiety, sleeping issues and more.

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Menopause Symptoms are Real - and Can Look Different for Each Woman.

Menopause Symptoms are Real – and Can Look Different for Each Woman

We'll help you understand and manage the menopause symptoms you have now and know what to expect in the future. You can connect, online or in-person, with our certified WellSpan menopause specialist, to talk about your specific menopause struggles and midlife health goals.

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Many Menopause Symptoms are Prevenatble or Treatable

Many Menopause Symptoms are Preventable or Treatable

Learn the facts and get real solutions—naturally and with proven medications—for hot flashes, dificulty sleeping, sex issues and more. Take control of your menopause today.

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A woman's midlife is an important time when we start to see key health parameters start to decline. But this doesn't have to occur! Almost all of the symptoms and diseases that women face during the perimenopause and menopause transition are preventable or treatable! I love being able to help women make their "midlife" years their BEST years!"

Melanie Ochalski, MD, FACOG


Melanie Ochalski, MD, FACOG

Menopause Chats

Hear from our board-certified menopause specialist, Dr. Melanie Ochalski, and a special guest each month to discuss various topics and issues surrounding menopause. Sign up for our next chat at