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Institutional Review Board

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Contact Information

WellSpan Research
c/o Hoover Library
1001 S. George St.
York, PA  17403
Attention:  HRPP Staff
Phone:  (717) 851-2223

FWA #00008414
Signatory:  Michael Bohrn, MD
Administrator:  Gabrielle Rebillard, AS, BS, MS

IORG#:  0002384
IRB00009830 WellSpan Health IRB#3

Fee Schedule

The fees for IRB review are as follows:

  • Initial review:  $3,000
  • Continuing Review (at least annually): $750 each
  • Amendment/Modification: $750 each
  • Facilitated Review (When an External IRB is used): $750
  • Study Close-Out: $500

Convened Meeting Schedule

The WellSpan Health IRB meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Contact WellSpan Reasearch staff for submission deadlines.

Member List

It is WellSpan Health practice not to provide the names and numbers of any of our IRB members publicly.  The Board operates within the federal regulations with respect to the review and approval of human subjects research.  It is also our policy that IRB members recuse themselves from voting on studies for which they are serving as principal investigator, co/sub-investigator, or are contributing to the conduct of the study.

Independent IRBs

We hope to provide you with plenty of usable data in a timely fashion; therefore, WellSpan Health will consider using an independent IRB.  Contact the WellSpan Research staff at (717) 851-2223 or for more information.