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Information for Sponsors & Researchers

In This Section

WellSpan Health has a strong track record of conducting sponsored projects and participating in clinical trials. WellSpan Research provides comprehensive central administrative services for all of WellSpan and its affiliated contracts and is committed to building strong relationships with government, industry, and academia.

WellSpan Health recognizes the great value placed on timely site start-up.  We hope to provide you with much of the information that you will need for your site evaluations. We have several auxiliary services available to assist in the conduct of clinical trials including pharmacy, laboratory, and imaging.  Each auxiliary service can provide documentation of appropriate certifications or accreditation upon request.

Primary Contact Information

WellSpan Research
c/o Hoover Library
1001 S. George St.
York PA  17403
Phone:  717-851-2223


The FWA Signatory official is Michael Bohrn, MD

Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

All non-disclosure agreements are executed through the WellSpan Research office.  When WellSpan contracts services from a third party, we will amend the language to reflect a three-party agreement.

Site Evaluation Forms

The principal investigator/designee (usually the coordinator) can facilitate the completion of the site evaluation questionnaire.

Auxiliary Services

WellSpan is a fully integrated health system, with several auxiliary services available including pharmacy, laboratory, and imaging.  Principal Investigators are responsible for obtaining a letter of commitment from the appropriate auxiliary service for any non-standard-of-care services proposed within a clinical trial prior to IRB review.  Each auxiliary service can provide documentation of appropriate certifications or accreditation, upon request.


Proposed budgets for sponsored research and research grants should be forwarded to the Research Business Services program with the protocol, informed consent document and the agreement. They will perform a budget analysis and schedule a review with the Principal Investigator or designee to review any changes before negotiating with the sponsor.

W-9 & Tax Identification Number

WellSpan Health is the designated entity in which all funds are processed (tax ID number is 22-2517863).  You may obtain a copy of the W-9 form upon request.  Please let us know if you need anything else to set us up as a vendor.

Research Conflict of Interest

Financial and personal interests which have relationship to proposed research must be disclosed at the time of the IRB application and also when seeking external funding. The disclosure is submitted on either a sponsor provided form or the WellSpan Health IRB Financial or Personal Interest Disclosure Reporting Form. This form is found in IRBNet under “Forms and Documents” or you can request one by contacting WellSpan Research  staff at (717) 851-2223 or

Disclosure must be reviewed, managed, reduced or eliminated prior to the WellSpan Health IRB approving proposed research. These requirements come from the federal government and must be taken seriously. WellSpan Health Reasearch Staff will assist you in this process.

Research Agreements and Contracts

All legal documents related to research (contracts, agreements, master agreements, study/work orders, data use agreements, business associate agreements, etc.) should be forwarded to the Corporate Director of Research with a copy of the protocol, informed consent document and proposed budget. They will update local information and negotiate the terms with the sponsor based on WellSpan Health standards. WellSpan legal consultation will be obtained as necessary.

Depending on the volume of agreements, WellSpan attempts to finalize the negotiation process within a month's time. If WSH contracts services from a third party, it may take a little longer to execute the agreement.