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WellSpan Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Clinical Rotations Online Application

Welcome Students!

WellSpan Health is proud to be a teaching institution and is committed to providing quality student experiences by offering Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Physician Assistant (PA) clinical rotations. Because we receive a high volume of requests it is our goal to be as fair and consistent with each application we receive.

To serve you best, please keep in mind – this application is designed strictly for students enrolled in a formal NP or PA program; students enrolled in other programs such as CNM, CNS, CRNA, or in a dual track, etc., should not be submitting this application.

Currently not accepting applications from non-employees in primary care NP programs (Family, Adult Gerontology, Pediatrics, and Women’s Health).


  1. Student submits the formal WellSpan Health NP and PA Clinical Rotations online application --- Providers should not be contacted directly. Personal arrangements obtained outside of this process will be invalid
  2. Application is received and reviewed by NP-PA Rotations Team
  3. Application is forwarded to preferred areas of interest as stated on application --- Please be specific with preferred rotation, exact dates, and total number of hours needed
  4. The NP-PA Rotations Team works with requested sites directly on applicant's behalf
  5. NP-PA Rotations Team will follow up with student directly regarding outcome of decision (please refer to the grid below) --- We advise you to plan accordingly as we cannot meet school deadlines
  6. Application dates and deadlines (application will be available starting August 1):
Application Open/End Dates: Rotation Period: Notification Period:
August 1 – September 31, 2020 January – May, 2021 November, 2020
October 1 – December 31, 2020 May – August, 2021 February, 2021
February 1 – March 31, 2021 August – December, 2021 May, 2021


  • Submission of application does not guarantee clinical rotation. For this, you are encouraged to also seek rotations outside of our organization.
  • We will only consider requests for actual clinical rotations and NOT for required courses that involve clinical hours (physical assessment course).
  • Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the WellSpan Commitment to Community Health & Wellness (below).

If any of the steps above have not been followed accordingly your application will be disregarded

Commitment to Community Health & Wellness

WellSpan Health and its employees have a shared mission of "working as one to improve health through exceptional care for all, lifelong wellness and healthy communities."

It's a commitment we take seriously.

As you consider a clinical rotation with WellSpan, please be aware of the commitment you would make to protect our patients and promote a healthy environment.

As part of WellSpan Health, your commitment would include:

  • Being Drug-Free
  • Being Tobacco-Free & Nicotine-Free *
  • Being Fragrance-Free (no colognes, perfumes or scented body products)
  • Obtaining an annual flu vaccination [for all October-March rotations]

*WellSpan Health has a tobacco-free/nicotine-free policy.