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WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital Shadowing Program

WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital offers several job shadowing opportunities in York County for individuals in high school (grades 11 & 12), college and those considering career changes. The goal of the program is to provide individuals the opportunity to observe a professional in a particular field of interest to gain insight into the healthcare work environment and day-to-day operations. Certain restrictions do apply in some areas. The job shadowing experience is designed to give an overview and is not a program to be done in place of a for-credit internship or to fulfill clinical requirements.

How to Sign Up:

High school student shadowing requests must be approved through a guidance counselor. Students in high school with the assistance of their school contact may submit the application below and the Shadowing Program Representative will be in contact with the school to arrange your shadowing day(s). A confirmation letter will be sent to your school contact person with the details of your shadowing experience.

All others submit the application and the Shadowing Program Representative will be in contact.

Length of Experience:

On average, a student can expect to be in a particular area for four to eight hours during their visit. If additional shadowing hours are requested, those requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you have specific questions, please contact the Shadowing Program Representative at (717) 812-5215.

Shadowing Program Information

  • If a high school student is unable to attend the appointment, the student should ask the guidance counselor to contact the Shadowing Program Representative at (717) 812-5215 as soon as possible so the appropriate personnel can be notified.

  • College students and career changing individuals also are expected to call and notify the Shadowing Program Representative if they are unable to attend.

  • Any individual who does not come in as specified, and for whom cancellation has not been made will be reported to his/her guidance counselor. Anyone failing to cancel will not be rescheduled.

  • Shadowing participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement to protect our patients.

  • Appropriate attire is required; comfortable shoes are recommended.

  • For patient safety and security reasons, the shadowing program is not a “hands-on” experience.

    To allow sufficient time for scheduling your shadowing opportunity, please try to make arrangements for the shadowing program at least three weeks in advance.

Application for Shadowing Experience Program