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Mission & Goals

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WellSpan Health Radiography Program’s mission is to prepare competent, entry-level radiographers who are able to function within the healthcare community. The school is guided by the mission statement, values, and strategies of WellSpan Health.

Student Learning Goals

Goal #1: All students will be clinically competent.

  • Students will utilize appropriate positioning skills and appropriate technique factors
  • Students will employ appropriate radiation protection
  • Students will apply appropriate patient care

Goal #2: All students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills within the clinical environment.

  • Students will evaluate diagnostic images and determine appropriate corrections
  • Students will modify routine radiographic skills to accommodate various patient conditions and other variables

Goal #3: All students will practice effective communication.

  • Students will conduct appropriate professional oral communication skills
  • Students will apply appropriate professional written communication skills

Goal #4: All students will recognize the importance of professionalism.

  • Students will practice appropriate professional attitudes and ethical behavior
  • Students will identify the benefits of professional membership

Program Effectiveness

  • Program Completion Rate
  • Credentialing Examination Pass Rate
  • Employment Rate