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Spotlight on Children's Health

Spotlight on Childrens Health

Championing the physical, emotional, intellectual & developmental needs of children.

Every child is full of promise and potential, which is why we're dedicated to promoting the wellbeing and safety of all our youngest community members. We recognize that investing in children's development, especially in their earliest years, is key to breaking cycles of disadvantage.

The WellSpan Spotlight on Children's Health aims to ensure that every child can develop in safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments. Using a trauma-informed, culturally aware approach, we strive to address the physical, emotional, intellectual and developmental needs of children aged 0- 6.

We understand there is so much more to childhood development than a healthy start at the pediatrician's office. That’s why the Spotlight is also a trusted hub for childhood safety and development topics, and a proud partner to organizations and programs that support children's wellbeing across our communities.

Nurturing the whole child.

The WellSpan Spotlight on Children's Health acts to Lead, Partner, Support and Advocate across four broad areas of focus:

Literacy & Early Childhood Development
Early education, especially around language and literacy, has a substantial effect on children's success in school and later life. Expansion of our popular Reach out and Read program is one way we’re establishing, growing and sustaining education solutions.

Medical Care & Screenings
Ensuring routine care for every child, to follow their progress and look after all aspects of their health. Early initiatives will reinforce the importance of developmental screenings, lead screenings and fluoride administration.

Infant & Child Safety
We’re developing a network and a playbook to identify and establish evidence-based initiatives promoting safety in all the counties we serve. Infant safe sleep, car seat safety and household safety are just the starting point.

Unique Needs & Caregiver Support
Dedicated to enhancing care options and care access for children with special healthcare needs, including behavioral health. Priorities include reducing barriers to care, providing navigation help for caregivers and developing provider resources for making referrals.


More About Our Pediatrics Program
Expert care that's compassionate and respectful of your child's needs. More than treating your child today, we're looking ahead to meet your goals for their health – tomorrow and beyond.
Search and connect to support in your area. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care and other free or reduced-cost help starts here.


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