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Stroke Care Quality

Time is Brain.

When you have a stroke, the blood flow to your brain is interrupted or reduced. The overall speed of your treatment is critical. The faster your blocked artery can be opened, and the clot removed, the greater likelihood you will have a good outcome.

WellSpan Health’s integrated stroke care system offers the benefits of a rapid diagnosis and specialized treatment through its certified Comprehensive Stroke Center at WellSpan York Hospital and its certified Primary Stroke Centers at WellSpan Chambersburg, WellSpan Ephrata Community, WellSpan Gettysburg, WellSpan Good Samaritan and WellSpan Waynesboro hospitals.

What Does This Mean for Patients?

Stroke teams arrive at a patient’s bedside within 15 minutes of arrival at every WellSpan hospital.

Our Primary Stroke Centers all have advanced imaging systems that can help doctors quickly diagnose a patient’s type of stroke and offer the right kind of care.

For patients with complex needs, WellSpan York Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center has specially trained neurosurgeons who can perform advanced, life-saving procedures. The hospital also has a neuroscience intensive care unit that offers the highest level of critical care a patient may require.

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Results of Our Program (2018 data)

One of the core metrics of a high-quality stroke program is the prompt administration of alteplase (tPA) to appropriate patients.This medication helps dissolve clots that cause acute ischemic stroke. 

Alteplase (tPA) administration: Percent of patients who receive alteplase (tPA) in less than 60 minutes of hospital arrival. The 2018 American Heart Association goal was to achieve greater than 75 percent of appropriate administration of alteplase (tPA) within 60 minutes.

Rate of alteplase (tPA) administration: Percent of patients who arrive at the emergency department with signs and symptoms of stroke who receive alteplase (tPA) administration. National averages are 3-5 percent. Certified stroke centers such as those at WellSpan hospitals have shown the ability to provide prompt care due to well-organized stroke systems and processes.

Hospital60 min alteplase (tPA) administrationRate of alteplase (tPA) administration
WellSpan York Hospital 76% 15%
WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital 100% 9.5%
WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital 75% 10.6%
WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital 77% 15%
WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital 73% 10.2%
WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital 50% 16%
  Goal: > 75% Nat. Avg.: 3-5%

All eligible patients received alteplase (tPA) administration at all six WellSpan hospitals during the reporting period. This data underscores why getting to an Emergency Department within 4.5 hours of symptoms starting — the window for starting tPA administration — is so important.

Awards & Recognitions

Get With The Guidelines - Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award

  • WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital
  • WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital
  • WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital
  • WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital
  • WellSpan York Hospital

Get With The Guidelines - Stroke Silver Plus Quality Achievement Award

  • WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital

Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite 

  • WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital
  • WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital
  • WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital
  • WellSpan York Hospital

Target: Stroke Honor Roll

  • WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital

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