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WellSpan in the Community

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Meeting the Needs of Central Pennsylvania

WellSpan is committed to understanding local healthcare needs and then partnering with physicians, community leaders and residents to develop innovative solutions that address identified needs and help community members achieve their health goals close to home.

Key areas of focus for our community-oriented mission include:

Providing care for all

Thousands of central Pennsylvanians have difficulty accessing the health care they need. At WellSpan, we believe that lack of sufficient health insurance should not be an obstacle for care. In 2021, WellSpan provided more than $187.9 million in charity and subsidized care, as well as in community programs and outreach.

Collaborating to meet the community health needs of today and tomorrow

We believe good health is not just the absence of illness and disease—it's a state of physical, mental and social well-being—and it's a goal for our communities that can't be achieved alone. Through key partnerships, such as Healthy Community Network, Community Health Council of Lebanon CountyHealthy Adams CountyHealthy Franklin County and Healthy York County Coalition, WellSpan works with community members, businesses, and health and human service organizations to share ideas and focus on programs and services that sustain and strengthen the communities where we live, work and play.

Our Approach to Improving Community Health

Learn more about the process WellSpan uses to measure and address the needs of the communities we serve.

Community Impact Report

For generations, WellSpan has been caring for our friends and neighbors across south central Pennsylvania. We've cared for the youngest and oldest among us on your best days and during life's biggest health challenges. These are the communities where we live, work and play – and provide world-class health care. We've walked beside you, and we understand that health care is more than medical care. It's caring for the whole person. It's health care your way - getting and staying healthy. It's us recommitting to creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable, and inclusive environment.

2023 Community Impact Report

cover: 2023 community impact report
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Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years, we partner with like-minded community partners and local coalitions to conduct Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) for which we survey community members about their health, lifestyle behaviors, finances, access to health services and other related topics. We use these CHNA reports to identify specific community needs and develop strategies to address them.

2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

cover: 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment


Community Health Improvement Plan

WellSpan's 2023-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan provides a framework for the organization's programs and activities that promote health and wellness in response to the needs identified in the CHNA reports. These areas of focus meet at least one, and often several, of the community benefit guidelines of a nonprofit health system, as outlined by the Catholic Health Association: improving access to healthcare services; enhancing the health of the community; advancing medical or healthcare knowledge or relieving or reducing the burden of government or other community efforts. Specific priorities are then incorporated into WellSpan's annual operating plan and budget.

2023-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan

cover: 2023-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan


Community Benefit Report

WellSpan produces annual Community Benefit Reports to share the progress-to-date on our three-year plan.

2023 Community Benefit Report

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