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WellSpan Speakers Bureau

When it comes to your health, knowledge is power.  That's why we offer a variety of programs designed to educate community groups and organizations on current health issues and topics.  From issues like quality and uninsured to stroke, cancer and medication safety, we offer topics that can help individuals expand their knowledge base and become an educated, informed individual. 

How to Request a Speaker:

To schedule a speaker for your group or organization, please contact WellSpan Communications. Requests should be made six weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for arrangements by contacting Brenda Kempa at bkempa@wellspan.org.

Speaker's Bureau Topics

Y=York County program
A=Adams County program

    • WellSpan's Vision for Health Care
      • Gettysburg Hospital's New Emergency Department (A)
      • Health Care Trends in Adams County and WellSpan's Response (A)
      • Performance Improvement Activities at Gettysburg Hospital (A)
      • Services at the new Aspers Health Center (A)
      • Specialty Outpatient Care at the Adams Health Center (A)
      • WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital (Y)
      • WellSpan Neuroscience & Pain Center (Y)
    • WellSpan Health & You
      • Complexities in Health Care Procurement (A)
      • Health Care Reform and What It Means to You (Y)
      • How Do We Operate? What Makes Us Tick? (Y, A)
      • A Patient-Centered Approach to Health Care (Y, A)
      • Performance Improvement Activities at Gettysburg Hospital (A)
      • Quality and What It Means To You (Y, A)
      • Services We Can Provide for Your Business (A)
      • The Uninsured: It Knows No Favorites (Y, A)
      • WellSpan: A Non-Profit Organization (Y, A)
    • Health Care for Women
      • Exercises for Bladder Control (A)
      • Facts of Midlife (Y, A)
      • Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise (A)
      • Osteoporosis/Bone Health (Y)
      • Women's Health Through the Life Stages (Y, A)
    • Neurosciences
      • Caregiver Issues for Parkinson's Disease and Dementia (Y)
      • Essential Tremor (Y)
      • Exercise for the Parkinson's Patient (Y, A)
      • Footwear for Spine Health (Y)
      • Headache (A)
      • Management of Herniated Disc (Y)
      • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (Y, A)
      • Movement Disorders (Y,A)
      • Overview of Neurosurgical bionics - including deep brain stimulators, vagus nerve stimulator, SCS, Pump) (Y)
      • Pediatric epilepsy, headache, concussion and most other pediatric neurology topics (Y, A)
      • Restless Leg Syndrome (Y)
      • Spine (Y,A)
      • Spine Care for Shopping (Y)
      • Spine Health for Golf Lovers (Y)
      • Spine Health for Pregnancy and Childbirth (Y)
      • Spine Health for Women (Y)
      • Spine Health and Osteoporosis (Y)
      • Sports-related Head Injury/Concussion (Y,A)
      • Stroke (Y,A)
      • Seizures (Y,A)
      • Surgical Options for Epilepsy (Y, A)
      • Yoga and Spine Health (Y)
    • Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
      • Arthritis (Y)
      • Coaching Clinics (Y)
      • Common Hand Injuries and Treatment (Y)
      • Exercise and Fitness (Y)
      • Exercise: It's Easier than You Think (Y)
      • Exercises for Bladder Control (Y)
      • Fall Prevention (Y)
      • Fracture Care (Y)
      • General Stretching (Y)
      • Joint Replacement (Y, A)
      • Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise (Y)
      • Rehabilitation Wellness Program (A)
      • Shoulder Injuries, Treatment and Rehabilitation (Y)
      • Sports Injury Among Females (Y, A)
      • Sports Injury Prevention (Y)
      • Sports Injury Prevention for Youth (Y, A)
      • Sports Injuries (Y)
      • Throwing Athlete (Y)
    • Heart Health
      • Heart Disease (Y,A)
      • The Latest Trends in Heart Surgery (Y,A)
      • Nutrition and Heart Disease (Y,A)
      • Women and Heart Disease (Y,A)
    • Cancer Care & Prevention
      • Coping with Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (Y,A)
      • Grief of Cancer (A)
      • Ovarian Cancer (A)
      • Survivorship of Cancer (Y,A)
      • WellSpan's Seamless System of Cancer Care (A)
    • Palliative Care
      • Advance Directives
      • Bereavement, Grief and Loss
      • Palliative Care
      • Planning Ahead when You Have a Chronic Disease
      • Spirituality of Grief
    • General Topics
      • Tips for Growing Healthy Kids (Y)
      • Diabetes Education (A)
      • Nutrition (A)
      • Importance of Immunizations (A)
      • Tobacco Cessation (A)

In addition to WellSpan topics, you can choose from a variety of programs offered by Hospice Community Care.

Information to Have Handy When You Call

Please have the following information ready when you contact us to schedule a speaking event:

  1. Your name
  2. Desired date & time
  3. Desired topic
  4. Length of time intended for speaker
  5. Address of meeting site
  6. Number of people attending
  7. Approximate age of participants
  8. Audiovisual equipment availability

Is There a Cost for This Program?

Presentations are free of change for clubs and organizations. However, if your group wishes to make a donation to WellSpan Health, please mail your contribution to one of WellSpan's community-based foundations:

Gettysburg Hospital Foundation
147 Gettys St.
P.O. Box 3995 
Gettysburg, PA 17325-0995

Ephrata Community Hospital Foundation
722 West Main St.
Ephrata, PA 17522-1002

Good Samaritan Health Services Foundation
4th & Walnut Streets
252 S. 4th Street 
Lebanon, PA 17042

Summit Health Foundation
785 Fifth Ave.
Chambersburg, PA 17201

York Health Foundation
50 N. Duke St.
Suite 200
York, PA 17401