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Your experience matters to us so we would appreciate hearing from you. WellSpan Health is committed to providing compassionate, safe, high quality care to every patient, every time.

  • Knowing what the experience was like for you/your loved one helps us celebrate those moments and staff that created an exceptional experience.
  • Knowing where we missed the mark, allows us to better understand how we can improve for future care.

If you have a concern about any aspect of your care, our staff are here to listen and address them with you, here are ways for you to provide your feedback to us:

  1. Please bring any concern to the attention of the care team or manager where you are receiving care so they can address it promptly.
  2. If your concerns are not resolved by the care team/manager where you’ve received services, please contact the WellSpan CareLine at (877) 232-5807 to provide feedback for further review and follow-up.
  3. You may receive a patient satisfaction survey after you receive services from WellSpan. Please complete and return the survey with your honest feedback so we can improve services provided and celebrate staff that have served you well.
  4. Provide your feedback by completing an Online Feedback Form
  5. Write us a letter

Thank you for choosing WellSpan Health for any future care you or your family may need.

Please note that your feedback will be shared with our local leaders for their review.