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Process Group - Oregon Pike

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Do you find yourself struggling to process an array of emotions? Do you find it hard to relate to others or have relationships with them? There are many tools people can learn and use significantly to help them better process their emotions. Attending this group will provide participants the ability to process relationships with others. Developing deep, personal relationships can also be an outcome to attending group. Practicing coping skills that address mental health concerns can also be a result of attending group therapy. Group sessions will focus on: 

  • Relational issues that lead to psychological symptoms or dissatisfaction in relationships 
  • Difficulty trusting others 
  • Communication barriers 
  • Self-esteem issues 
  • How to relate better with others 
  • How to forge meaningful relationships 
  • Social anxiety 
  • Assertiveness 
  • Difficulties in important relationships 
  • Having successful interactions with people 
  • Active listening 
  • Maintaining external focus on others in the interaction rather than spectating 
  • Further development of social skills 
  • Assertiveness 
  • Maintaining safety in relationships while building trust. 

Participants cannot have active psychosis, active addiction, or active SI/HI symptoms. Individual therapy is recommended, but not required. New participants may be invited to meet with a group leader individually before starting group sessions. 

Current Philhaven patients should talk to your provider. New Philhaven patients, please call (717) 279-2760 or (800) 459-7497.


Minimum Age: 18


This group meets on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:30 am with group leader Ann Wenger, MS. While all efforts will be made to assist you in entering a group as quickly as possible, you may need to be temporarily added to a waitlist.