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My Brain is a Jerk: Learning Self-Compassion Group - Ephrata (Virtually)

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For adults struggling with negative self-talk. What is self-compassion? It’s treating yourself the same way you would a friend. We value the importance of being a good friend, especially when someone is struggling. However, we don’t apply that same value on treating ourselves with kindness. When we face challenging tasks, we are often our worst critic. Our brain thinks about what we “should” have done or engages in unhelpful thinking about our ability or skills. These unhelpful thoughts in turn contribute to feelings of worry and sadness. This group will work to help reframe these unhelpful thoughts and will incorporate elements from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for perfectionism as well as self-compassion. 

Group participants must have the ability to communicate effectively in a group format. Group participants cannot have active psychosis, active addiction, or active SI/HI symptoms. 

Current Philhaven patients should talk to their provider. For new Philhaven patients, please call (717) 851-1375 or (800) 459-7497. 


Minimum Age: 18


This group meets on Mondays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm with group leader Lydia Hackenberg, PsyD. While all efforts will be made to assist you in entering a group as quickly as possible, you may need to be temporarily added to a waitlist.