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Are you having trouble in your relationships? Do you find yourself acting from your emotions, which then creates problems? Do you feel you have more unhelpful than positive emotions? Do you find it difficult to control your emotions and impulses? This group provides participants the skills necessary to help manage emotions. Group members can benefit from attending group and by practicing the skills taught by group leader each session, including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Group will provide clients a safe, healthy environment to process the behaviors created by unhelpful emotions and learn how to manage them through new, alternative behaviors and skills. Additionally, group can provide members the opportunity to better assess their relationships and the crucial role they themselves play in these relationships. Group sessions will focus on: 

  • Increasing ability to be more mindful of emotions, thoughts and behaviors 
  • Attending to relationships impacted by our emotions 
  • Managing emotions when they occur through use of appropriate coping skills 

Group participants may not have active psychosis, active substance use, intellectual disability that would make it so a client could not benefit from group (IQ below 70), symptoms including active physical or verbal aggression towards others, or be actively suicidal, involved in a higher level of care. 

Current Philhaven patients talk with your provider. For new Philhaven patients, please call (717) 851-1375 or (800) 459-7497. 


Minimum Age: 18


This 12-week group meets on Mondays from 1:00 to 2:30 pm with group leader Nate Rhoad, PsyD. While all efforts will be made to assist you in entering a group as quickly as possible, you may need to be temporarily added to a waitlist.