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A Matter of Balance

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According to the CDC, one in four Americans 65 years of age and older will fall each year. Falls, whether they occur with an injury or not, have a large impact on quality of life. A growing number of older adults fear falling and choose to limit their social lives and activities. This can cause declines in physical ability, mental health, and independence.

A Matter of Balance is a free evidenced-based program offered through WellSpan. It has been shown to decrease the fear of falling and increase activity levels which helps to reduce the risk of falling. It consists of 8 two-hour courses with a trained coach and 8-12 participants. In the class participants will learn that falls are not a part of the aging process, create reasonable goals to increase activity, and lessen fall risk factors. After completing Matter of Balance participants report improved confidence in activities and their strength, as well as fewer falls.

  • Individuals Who Could Benefit:
  • Those with a fear of falling
  • Have a history of falls
  • Would like to increase activity
  • Need to improve balance and strength
  • Age 60 years or older, able to walk, and can problem-solve

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Minimum Age: 60

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