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Mobile Mammography

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WellSpan’s Mobile Mammography is a service to our friends and neighbors in Central PA. We know that preventive screenings help to keep women A Healthy Step Ahead. That is why we have invested in this new, state-of-the-art mammography coach that brings convenience to your business or organization’s doorstep. This service opportunity is available for businesses and organizations throughout Central PA. A mobile mammography event is a win-win for everyone. Instead of hours away from work, women can simply take a scheduled break for their quick 15 to 20 minute screening appointment. Scheduling an event is easier than you think. There is no cost to your business or organization. In order to host a WellSpan Mobile Mammography event, a host must sign a Host Agreement (provided by your WellSpan Mobile Mammography contact). Call 717-GoMammo to schedule your event. 

Please note: this is a 2-step registration and scheduling process. Step 1: Click "Register" or call (717) 466-2666 or (717) GO-MAMMO to reserve your date for the WellSpan Mobile Mammography coach at this venue. Step 2: A WellSpan staff member will contact you directly to reserve a confirmed time for your Mammography.


Minimum Age: 40


Click on this link to see the Mobile Mammography in action: