MyWellSpan Patient Portal Information

Manage your health securely – anywhere, anytime

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Message your care team

Securely message with your doctor about non-urgent medical questions in MyWellSpan. Bonus: It gets saved to your health record for later.

Manage your appointments

From scheduling — or rescheduling — your appointment to completing eCheck-in and letting the doctor know you’ve arrived, it’s all done quickly and easily in MyWellSpan. All that’s left to do is walk in the office door.

View your health information

It’s your health record — you should have it at your fingertips. Whether you need a current health summary or your latest lab or imaging result, everything is here.

Family access (proxy)

If you provide care for another adult or are the parent of a child, MyWellSpan can grant you access to their important health information so you can more easily help manage their care.

Connect with others

Sharing your health information comes in handy if you have a new doctor or get sick on vacation. Choose from options like downloading your record, getting a one-time share code or linking your different portals.

Manage prescriptions

All your medication information is gathered in MyWellSpan for you to view and manage. That includes requesting a renewal from your doctor or making a quick click to refill at your WellSpan Pharmacy.

MyWellSpan care companion

This interactive, personalized plan of care is a true companion to help you manage your condition. Real-time notifications provide health task reminders, occasional check-ins and even educational content.

MyWellSpan mobile

MyWellSpan on the WellSpan Health app offers all the same features as the desktop version. It’s available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

MyWellSpan bedside

If you’re admitted to the hospital, your MyWellSpan app transforms to a special version sharing your daily schedule, treatment team, up-to-date health information and more.

View statements, pay bills or set up paperless billing. Or do research ahead of time on your estimated cost of care for a test or procedure.

Sign-Up Tutorial: Step by step, see how quick and easy it is to create your MyWellSpan account.

MyWellSpan Minute: Take a minute to learn how MyWellSpan can make managing your healthcare easy.

On the Go: Take a minute to learn about MyWellSpan on mobile and MyWellSpan Bedside.

Proxy Access: Take a minute to learn how to access important health information for your loved one. 

Scheduling: Take a minute to see how quick and easy it is to schedule an appointment online. 

Health Record: Take a minute to learn about what information is available on MyWellSpan.

Quick Tour (Desktop): Learn how to navigate the health feed, shortcuts and searchable menu on a computer.

Quick Tour (Mobile): Learn how to navigate the health feed, shortcuts and searchable menu on the mobile app.

MyWellSpan Child Proxy: Learn how biological parents or legal guardians can request proxy access to a child 17 and under.

Teniendo acceso a la información de salud de sus hijos a través de MyWellSpan: Si usted es el padre o madre de un menor, usted entiende el beneficio de tener acceso a información importante acerca de la salud de sus hijos. Aprenda en como pedir acceso por proxy a través de WellSpan.

Accessing Another Adult's Health Information: If you provide care for another adult, you can request caregiver proxy access or invite another person to have access to your information.

Accessing Test Results: Learn how to get your test results sooner using MyWellSpan.

Schedule Your Next Appointment: Whether you’re sick or it’s time for your annual physical, quickly schedule your next appointment online.

eCheck-in and Appointment Arrival: Save time at your next appointment with eCheck-in and appointment arrival.

Video Visits: See how easy it is to participate in a video visit from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.