Workers' Compensation and Injury Care

The care you need to get you back to work

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The warehouse employee loads the pallet jack up with merchandise he needs to move to another spot.

Our approach to workers' compensation and injury

We understand how work-related injuries can severely disrupt your life. Our team of orthopedic doctors is committed to helping you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

We provide comprehensive evaluations, customize your treatment plan and work closely with your employer to give you a smooth transition back to work. You can feel confident in our expertise and dedication to your well-being.

Meet our experts

Expert doctors, supported by compassionate specialists — all here for your workplace injury recovery.

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Why choose WellSpan for workers compensation and injury care?

Choosing the right medical care for your work-related injury can make all the difference for a safe, quick recovery.

Our experienced orthopedic team is dedicated to helping you get back to work — and back to yourself. With customized treatment plans and convenient care locations, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Experts in workplace injuries

Our specialists diagnose, evaluate and treat a wide range of work-related injuries. These include repetitive motion injuries, overexertion injuries, machine entanglement, fractures and dislocations.

A customized approach

We’ll create your personalized treatment plan aimed at reducing pain and restoring function, to give you the smoothest possible transition back to work.

Collaboration with employers

We work closely with your employer to ensure that they’re aware of your condition and can make appropriate accommodations.

Convenient care locations

With numerous locations, including urgent orthopedics offices, rest assured that you can get high-quality care close to home.