Urology Services

Medical expertise with down-to-earth care

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Our approach to urology care

We get that the world of urology can be a tender subject. And that's okay. Know that we're here to help your experience be as comfortable, easy to understand and as effective as possible. From vasectomies to prostate exams to kidney cancer diagnoses, you can expect personalized care that meets your health goals backed by extensive real-world expertise.

Conditions we treat

  • bladder cancer
  • erectile dysfunction
  • incontinence
  • kidney cancer
  • kidney stones
  • prostate cancer
  • prostate obstruction
  • voiding dysfunction

Tests and treatments

Our specialists offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment services in a compassionate environment.

Urologic surgery

Urologic Surgery can be used for a variety of reasons to treat dysfunctions, obstructions, diseases or other urinary tract concerns.

"No scalpel" vasectomy

The “No Scalpel” method results in less bleeding, a smaller incision and fewer complications when compared to a traditional vasectomy.

Prostate biopsy

Through a thin needle, tissue samples are taken from your prostate as a biopsy. These cells determine if the tissue has become cancerous. This is done after a blood test or digital rectal exam.


A cystoscopy is used for a biopsy or bladder stone removal. It allows your doctor to see areas inside your bladder and urethra that are typically hard to see on an x-ray.

Vasectomy reversal

A vasectomy reversal can be performed as an out-patient procedure and will take more time than your vasectomy did. Chances of success depend on time, additional blockages and other factors.

Screening and preventative care

Screenings for prostate or bladder cancer and other urological issues can be performed by your urologists.

“We are extremely appreciative of Dr. Beltz's expertise, compassion and warmth of heart in his treatment. He is an outstanding doctor!”

Personalized plans

You’re an individual who deserves one-of-a-kind care. That’s why we start by listening to your story, concerns and preferences. Because knowing the full “you” leads to treatment that’s truly personalized.

Complete care for down there

Our urology team has over 100 years of experience treating bladder, prostate and kidney issues, from basic exams to advanced surgeries.

Minimally invasive options

We offer minimally invasive procedures, including “no scalpel” vasectomies for less discomfort and a faster recovery.

We're close by

When multiple visits or surgery is involved, a short drive can make a night-and-day difference. That's why we keep things close with offices in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Lebanon and York Counties.