Palliative Care

Physical and emotional comfort when you need it most

Mother and daughter at home - stock photo
Mother and daughter at home

Our approach to palliative care

When dealing with a serious illness, managing pain and relieving stress makes a world of difference. This promotes a calm setting where clear, thoughtful decisions can be made. 

That's why our palliative care approach centers around your whole family. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones while offering compassionate support and expert guidance for you. We listen to you first and respond to what you are experiencing and what you are concerned about. Together, we can make a plan to help you improve your quality of life and help you find relief from physical suffering from your illness. 

You can receive palliative care in the hospital, in one of our clinics or by a virtual video visit in your home. 

Conditions we treat

We treat advanced illnesses, such as cancer, chronic pulmonary diseases (such as COPD), heart failure, dementia, kidney disease and liver disease. 

How we can help

Questions about our palliative care team or services? Contact Manager David Bucher via email at or call 206-790-8349. 

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Personalized plan

Palliative care should be as unique as your family. We start by understanding your loved one's condition as well as your family's situation. Together, we custom tailor treatment goals and a care program. Our team works with you, your family and whoever assists you with healthcare decisions.

Profound care

We provide care for the body and support for the soul with experts and services that support physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Your resource for resources

Navigating healthcare and researching community resources is a full-time job, and one we're happy to help with. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and connections to guide your way.

Communication simplified

Juggling conversations with multiple doctors is complicated. Our care coordinators handle the details for you by communicating with everyone involved. This gives you a single, consistent point of contact and a streamlined system of communication.