Nephrology Services

From complex treatment to routine testing, caring for your kidneys is what we do

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Our approach to nephrology and kidney care

We believe in care that goes beyond any kidney condition. We see you as a one-of-a-kind person who deserves treatment that’s just as unique. 

From hearing your story to understanding your needs, we’re your trusted health partner. Know that our nephrology experts will be by your side from diagnosis through treatment to help you reach your medical needs and health goals. 

Conditions we treat

  • acid-base, fluid and electrolyte disorders
  • acute kidney failure
  • chronic kidney disease
  • cystic diseases of the kidney
  • drug- and nephrotoxin-associated kidney disorders
  • hereditary kidney disorders
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • kidney stones

Tests and treatments

  • evaluation and treatment of kidney diseases
  • pre-transplant evaluation and referral
  • pre-dialysis evaluation and education
  • dialysis services

How we can help

At WellSpan, we are dedicated to taking great care of our patients. We work together with local dialysis centers to provide treatment for kidney problems. Our team of kidney specialists are very skilled and experienced. That's why WellSpan is the best choice for people who need thorough and caring kidney care. We create treatment plans that are tailored to each patient, and we always put the patient's needs first. With WellSpan, you can trust that you will receive the best care possible for any kidney-related conditions you may have. 

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Connected care

Benefit from a nephrology plan designed just for you. You’ll have access to WellSpan doctors across multiple specialties to help improve your health and well-being.

Custom dialysis program

If you’re on dialysis, we support you with comprehensive care. During visits, we may adjust your blood pressure medication or therapy plans. Our physicians are partnered with local dialysis centers to ensure seamless coordination of care.

If you also have diabetes, anemia or high cholesterol, we’ll help you get connected with treatment tailored to your specific needs.

In-hospital dialysis

If you need dialysis while in the hospital, it’s available to patients in all our hospitals.