Midwifery Services

Professional care with a personal touch

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Our approach to midwifery services and care

There's something special about certified nurse midwifery care. Midwives provide care in the most sensitive of times and guide you through the transformative process of becoming a mother and offer health services to women through all stages of life – from the teenage years through menopause.

We understand that choosing a midwife is an important decision, and we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of care. Our certified nurse midwives have completed nursing school and have a graduate degree in midwifery.

Our midwife team is integrated into our larger obstetric team, providing seamless integration of your care. We’re focused on and committed to the health of you and your baby. Midwives are available at Wellspan Chambersburg Hosptial, Gettysburg Hosptial, York Hosptial, and Ephrata Hosptial.

Conditions we treat

The role of the midwife is to offer care that respects the goals and choices of each individual woman and her family. A midwife will:

  • help a woman make decisions regarding on how to cope with labor
  • explain pain relief options
  • help women develop a birth plan that fits their individual needs and desires
  • discuss realistic expectations about labor and delivery
  • suggest position changes and movement that will facilitate birth

Depending on their training, midwives may also offer health services to women through all stages of life – from the teenage years through menopause. A certified midwife can provide:

  • general health check-ups
  • screenings
  • vaccinations
  • well-woman gynecologic care
  • treatment for common infections
  • treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • pain control
  • birth control

Award-winning maternity care

We are honored that Money and The Leapfrog Group have acknowledged our dedication to delivering safe, quality and affordable healthcare. .

All WellSpan birthing facilites are designated as a Keystone 10 facility for implementing evidence-based maternity care practices to help improve breastfeeding care and breastfeeding rates, as well as improve the health of new moms and babies.

All Wellspan facilities are CMS certified as Birthing Friendly.

More than just babies

We provide so much more than pregnancy care and delivery, offering services such as:

  • comprehensive postpartum care
  • lactation support
  • nutrition education
  • reproductive healthcare
  • pelvic exams
  • health screenings

Integrated into larger obstetric teams

Our midwives work alongside obstetricians and gynecologists, family practice doctors and specialists to ensure you have access to the care you need. We look to prevent complications by being proactive in assessing ways to improve your health and optimize your baby's well-being.

Our skills focus on fostering your own natural abilities to be healthy and give birth normally .