Medication-Assisted Treatment

A safe escape from opioid addiction

What is medication-assisted treatment (MAT)?

MAT is a safe and effective treatment using a combination of medications and behavioral therapy to help you overcome opioid use disorders. MAT drugs do not substitute one addiction for another. Unlike opioids, these drugs don't cause a "high" when used as prescribed, but rather restore balance to the brain circuits affected by addiction.

Who is a candidate for medication-assisted treatment?

To be eligible for MAT, you must have first tried medication for an opioid use disorder. MAT is an adjunctive treatment, or assistive therapy, to the overall treatment of a person with a substance use disorder.

If you have any questions about whether MAT is right for you, speak directly with your doctor.

What to expect with medication-assisted treatment

Before treatment

Contact the 24/7 access center at 1-800-932-0359 for a referral to the right care team for you.

During treatment

MAT combines the use of medications and behavioral therapy. Certain medications, like buprenorphine, suboxone, naltrexone and methadone, are used to provide physical relief from opioid cravings. These medications restore balance to the brain circuits affected by addiction, allowing you to heal while working toward recovery.

After treatment

MAT alone won't "cure" your addiction or ensure success in recovery. Added behavioral treatments such as counseling, therapy, social support and long-term aftercare are necessary for sustained recovery.

Benefits of MAT

If medication alone hasn't worked in treating your opioid addiction, Medication-assisted Treatment may be the answer you've been looking for. Some of the benefits of MAT include:

  • Reduced cravings: MAT drugs reduce cravings and restore the balance of the brain's chemistry.
  • Pain relief: MAT drugs work to alleviate pain, which effectively reduces cravings and withdrawal.
  • Safe for pregnancy: MAT is safe for pregnant women and can reduce reliance on opioids.

Why choose WellSpan for MAT?

When it comes to your healthcare, trust matters most. That's why we integrate compassionate care with expertise to provide the best possible support. Using only evidence-based practices that have been shown to be effective in treating opioid use disorders, you'll receive the highest quality of care.

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