Intensive Outpatient Care (IOC) for Children and Teens

A helping hand when you need it most

What's intensive outpatient care (IOC)?

We provide a Department of Human Services (DHS) licensed intensive outpatient care (IOC) for children and teens experiencing moderate to severe emotional or behavioral distress.

With up to six hours of daily programming, we provide a high volume of therapeutic intervention in a short amount of time. Treatments include group and individual therapy, coping skills training, medication management and family involvement.

Children's Community Based Behavioral Health Services Intake Form

Who is a candidate for intensive outpatient care?

Our IOC program for children and teens is for kids ages five to 18 years old who have a serious to severe mental health condition. They’re going through strong emotions and have trouble doing regular daily activities.

To be considered for this treatment, a child needs to understand what it's for and take part in creating and following their treatment plan.

We do our best to meet the needs of any individual referred to us; however, certain exclusionary criteria do apply. Individuals may not enter our program if they have:

  • a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder or primary treatment need that’s substance-related
  • physical or developmental disorders that would prevent them from participating in and comprehending program activities
  • physical aggression or behaviors that could endanger the well-being of themselves, other program participants or program staff

If you think your child may be a candidate for our IOC, please reach out to your child's behavioral health doctor for more information and a referral.

What to expect

Before treatment

  • Your child will undergo an initial psychiatric evaluation.
  • We’ll schedule a weekly family session with the parent, child or teen, and case counselor.

During treatment

  • Youth in the day hospital track can attend up to six hours per day, five days per week, Monday through Friday.
  • Youth in the IOC track attend for three hours per day, usually three to five days per week, Monday through Friday.
  • Programming includes group therapy, individual therapy, coping skills, anger management, stress management, relationship skills, self-esteem and problem-solving.
  • Daily communication between counselors and parents is structured within the program.

After treatment

  • Continued treatments include medication management, individual and family therapy sessions, group therapy and academic instruction.

Benefits of IOC

Our program offers treatment that can improve your child or teen's mental health and well-being. Some benefits to this type of treatment include:

  • Improved mental health: Children and teens can receive effective treatment for a variety of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and eating disorders.
  • Enhanced coping skills: Children and teens can learn valuable coping skills that can help them manage their symptoms and improve their overall mental health.
  • Stronger family relationships: Family involvement is an important part of the treatment process. We teach families how to support their child or teen and improve their relationships.

Convenient programming

Our youth IOC programs offer up to six hours of day hospital programming in Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties.

Family-centered approach

We understand the importance of family involvement in a child's success. Our program schedule includes weekly family therapy sessions as well as daily communication between counselors and parents.


We believe that every child deserves the chance to get the help they need. Our program is designed to help nearly everyone referred to us, regardless of their background or circumstances.