Inpatient Mental Health Care for Adults

A safe haven for acute mental health challenges

What is inpatient mental health care for adults?

Our inpatient program offers adults experiencing significant acute mental health challenges a caring and supportive environment to receive the care they need. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive treatment, including individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and medication management. We are dedicated to helping you stabilize your condition quickly and develop the tools you need to prevent further crises.

Who is a candidate for inpatient mental health care?

To be eligible for our in-patient mental healthcare for adults, you must meet the medical necessity criteria, including a DSM-5 diagnosis and/or psychiatric symptom cluster that requires in-patient care and intervention.

Some examples of symptoms that may qualify you for in-patient mental healthcare include:

  • significant risk of harm to yourself or others or destruction of property
  • a medical condition or illness that seriously destabilizes your psychiatric and medical status, making less intensive care pose a significant risk of psychiatric and/or medical instability
  • impaired judgment or functional capacity that severely threatens your self-maintenance or social functioning
  • the need for treatment that may be medically unsafe if administered in a less intensive level of care

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call the Philhaven Access Center at 800-932-0359 to inquire about inpatient care.

What to expect with inpatient mental health care

Before treatment, you'll receive a comprehensive evaluation, including a psychiatric assessment, nursing assessment, medical history, physical examination and social history.

During treatment, you can expect to:

  • participate in individual, family and group therapy sessions tailored to your needs
  • receive dialectical behavior therapy, consisting of individual DBT therapy, weekly DBT skills group and staff-facilitated coaching
  • attend therapeutic groups such as social skills training, goal setting, coping skills, expressive therapy and recreational therapy
  • have the opportunity to participate in spirituality groups and chapel services
  • engage in various activities, including gross motor activities, personal time and creative arts
  • receive up to 5 hours per week of academic instruction, if applicable.
  • have daily physician rounds including psychiatric evaluation, assessment of treatment response, treatment planning and medication management
  • individual time spent with the direct care or nursing staff
  • receive physical health maintenance and acute care management

After treatment:

  • You’ll collaborate with our team to develop and implement a personalized plan for after discharge.
  • Family members may be involved in decisions about your treatment and aftercare planning.

Benefits of inpatient mental health care

If you're facing acute mental health issues, in-patient mental healthcare at WellSpan can help. Some benefits include:

  • Quick stabilization: Our goal is to rapidly stabilize your condition and provide you with the tools to prevent further crises.
  • Personalized treatment plans: Our multidisciplinary teams will develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.
  • Secure environments: Our in-patient units are safe and supportive environments where you can focus on your recovery.
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